What to expect when an IRS Revenue Officer comes calling to your home or business.

by Howard S. Levy, Esq. on March 11, 2009

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IRS Revenue Officers are the most experienced and sophisticated collection employees within the IRS. They work high dollar cases identified by the IRS to be of significance.  Focus is often given to business cases, employment tax liabilities, repeat offenders and non-filers.

The Revenue Officer function is localized, with their offices located near your home or business.  Revenue Officers are “field agents,” meaning they are expected to get out of the office and get into the “field.”

If you case has been assigned to an IRS Revenue Officer, expect an initial unannounced visit to your place of business or residence.  These visits are known to occur on Fridays and often before holiday weekends. If you are not in your office or at home, the Revenue Officer will leave a “calling card” in the door, requesting that you contact them by a set date.  If you do not voluntarily comply, the Revenue Officer has the power to summons your attendance at an IRS office.

If there is a lack of cooperation on your end, expect the Revenue Officer to start procedures to take your bank accounts, wages, retirement accounts, receivables.  Revenue Officers can also seize any equity you have in cars, autos and business equipment, but these are usually last resorts in severe cases.

And remember:

(1)     The Revenue Officer wants case resolution and a closed file as much as you do.

(2)     Case resolution can mean an offer in compromise, installment agreement or even having your case closed as uncollectible – it all depends on your finances; and

(3)     When your mouth is in the head of the bear, say nice bear.

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