Howard’s Published Articles

  • When the IRS Strikes with a Wage or Bank Levy: How to Get Out of a Bind

    EA Journal, September/October 2011

    An IRS levy leads to dire and stressful situations, requiring immediate relief. A levy situation gives us an opportunity to make a difference in our clients’ lives by helping them out of a bind.

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  • Statute of Limitations on Collection: Are You Unwittingly Giving the IRS More Time to Collect?

    EA Journal, July/August 2011

    The statute of limitations on collection will make most every IRS collection problem come to an end. But knowing there is an end is really just the beginning.

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  • IRS Collections in Troubled Times

    Journal of Tax Practice and Procedure, October/November 2009

    As any seasoned Revenue Officer will tell you, IRS collection enforcement comes in peaks and valleys. After a drought that lasted more than a decade, the IRS appears to be back in the business of collecting delinquent taxes.

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  • Eliminating Taxes in Bankruptcy

    Journal of Enrolled Agents, July, August 2008

    There is much misinformation about whether bankruptcy can eliminate taxes. I hear the confusion all the time from my clients. You may have, too. Rest assured, bankruptcy does resolve IRS controversies.

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  • The IRS Collection Process

    Cincinnati Bar Report, February 2006

    A look at the IRS collection process—the myths and the realities. Learn what the IRS can and cannot do if you are a collection target.

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  • Protect Your Business from the IRS

    Cincinnati Business Courier, March 2007

    What you must do to avoid an IRS investigation and steps you can take to protect your business and minimize your personal financial exposure.

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More Published Articles

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EA Journal July/August 2010

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Cincinnati Bar Report, March, 2010

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Charleston, WV Gazette (February 22, 2010)

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Journal of Enrolled Agents, July/August 2009

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Cincinnati Business Courier, March 2008

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Journal of the National Association of Enrolled Agents, January 2008

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Cincinnati Business Courier, October 2007

Representing Non-Filers

Journal of the National Association of Enrolled Agents, September 2007

IRS Focused on Businesses, Especially Sole Proprietorships

Cincinnati Business Courier, June 2007

An Inside Look at the IRS Collection Division

Cincinnati Bar Association Report, March 2006

The IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

Cincinnati Bar Association Report, April 2006

Bankruptcy or Compromise?

Journal of Tax Practice and Procedure, February/March 2000

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