Howard’s Articles

Howard Levy is a regular contributor to journals and newspapers regarding the IRS. With his experience and unique perspective, Howard’s articles provide information that you can use to help solve your IRS problems.

Going Beyond Form 433A: Protecting Assets in an Offer in Compromise

EA Journal, November/December 2014

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IRS Investigations of Employee Withholding Taxes: A Step-by-Step Guide

EA Journal, July/August 2014

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Ten Ways Bankruptcy Can Help Solve Tough IRS Problems

EA Journal, July/August 2013

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Collection Due Process Appeals: Right Place, Right Time for Successful Negotiations with the IRS

EA Journal, November/December 2012

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Winning an IRS Collection Case in Tax Court

EA Journal, September/October 2012

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When the IRS Strikes with a Wage or Bank Levy: How to Get Out of a Bind

EA Journal, September/October 2011

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Statute of Limitations on Collection: Are you Unwittingly Giving the IRS More Time to Collect?

EA Journal, July/August 2011

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Myth vs. Reality: IRS Collection Threats

EA Journal July/August 2010

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5 Things You Should Know About the IRS

Cincinnati Bar Report, March, 2010

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Other Published Articles

March 31, 2015

IRS just sent me a final notice of intent to levy – what should I do?

You were brave enough to pick-up and open your certified mail, and there it was – an IRS Final Notice of Intent to Levy. The law is intended to avoid surprises from the IRS and protect you, and the Final Notice of Intent to Levy does just that, giving you notice in advance that they are considering […]

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February 16, 2015

Getting ready for your IRS audit: Organizing your records

Most IRS audits start because the IRS believes there is something wrong with your tax return. I mean, let’s face it, the IRS is not spending time auditing tax returns that they think are clean. In other words, an audit starts with you behind the eight ball, presumed to have filed a return that has […]

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January 25, 2015

Fresh start with the IRS? Learn how it really works

An offer in compromise can put IRS troubles behind you and bring a fresh start on your taxes. But the road to a fresh start with the IRS is not necessarily as simple as it may sound. The IRS has very strict criteria that they use to determine if a tax debt should be compromised. […]

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January 11, 2015

Why was my offer in compromise rejected by the IRS?

You just received a letter from the IRS notifying you that they are rejecting your offer in compromise.  Enclosed with your letter are the IRS calculations, detailing why your offer was rejected. The IRS might as well be speaking a foreign language – what do all their calculations mean? And do you have a good […]

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